Trial Attorney Testimonials

Trial attorney

Vermillion, South Dakota

“Dave Place has proven himself to be very effective in reaching favorable resolutions of ERISA lien assertions.  He works aggressively on behalf of victims and their attorneys.   His background working on the 'other side' enhances his credibility and effectiveness.  Dave commands respect from subro collection entities and he attains great results.”

Roger Baron, Esq.

Professor Emeritus

School of Law

University of South Dakota

Richmond, Virginia

"Dave is the 'expert' that ERISA experts reach out to for analysis, but even better, he will explain the issue in words that anyone can understand. His services are a value to our clients, and peace of mind for the attorneys."


John D. Ayers, Esq.

The Joel Bieber Firm

Seattle, Washington

"Greetings Dave Place.  Let me say first I really enjoyed your contribution to the seminar on Resolving ERISA Liens.  I am in my 45th year of practice and I have learned to listen carefully to former 'insiders,' and you, Dave, did not disappoint.  I was bouyed by your enthusiasm, and you had me from the start because you made it personal, AND IT IS PERSONAL!  Rawlings does get super rich on the backs of injured people.  My biggest satisfaction is defeating or greatly shrinking these claims of ERISA plans."  

Jim Sorrels, Esq

Law Offices of James S. Sorrels