Dave Place - Founder


Using his more than 20 years of subrogation experience Mr. Place now exclusively assists the plaintiff’s bar with complex lien resolution problems, ensuring that the settlement dollars created by the trial attorney are protected. For the past seven years Mr. Place has served the plaintiff’s bar in both the single event lien resolution space, and mass torts, saving his clients over $100,000,000.00. Prior to beginning his service to the plaintiff’s trial bar Mr. Place spent nearly 15 years practicing as a “Litigation Specialist” for the subrogation recovery industry. He asserted subrogation/reimbursement rights for large private group health insurance plans, self-funded ERISA groups, FEHBA plans, Medicare Advantage plans, state Medicaid plans, as well as stop-loss and disability plans in their subrogation/recovery programs in all fifty states. 


  • Bachelor of Science - Longwood University 
  • Juris Doctor - Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, at the University of Louisville 


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