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ERISA & FEHBA Lien Resolution

Confronting a subrogation or reimbursement claim by a properly qualified self-funded ERISA plan or FEHBA plan can be a daunting task for the trial attorney. The ERISA and FEHBA plans coordinate their recovery efforts behind third party administrators, recovery vendors, and experienced subrogation trial attorneys who annually recover over a billion dollars from injury victims.   The Place Firm was founded to assist plaintiff attorneys in confronting these claims so they can maximize the results of their work for the injury victim.


Passionate Advocacy & Experience

The Place Firm exclusively assists personal injury victims and plaintiff counsel with complex lien resolution matters.  For over 20 years, Dave Place's practice has been focused exclusively on resolving  self-funded ERISA, FEHBA, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage subrogation and reimbursement claims.    

For nearly 15 years Dave's legal practice was in service to the insurance industry.  In that role, he represented private group health insurance plans, self-funded ERISA plans, Medicare Advantage plans, state Medicaid plans, Stop-Loss plans and disability plans in all fifty states.  After becoming increasingly unhappy with the manner in which ERISA plans and their recovery vendors treated their members when asserting subrogation or reimbursement rights, Dave decided to switch  sides.

Dave founded The Place Firm with one passionate belief:  The injury victim is more in need of the settlement funds created by their trial attorney than any other party.   


Medicare Conditional Payment & Medicare Advantage Lien Resolution

Repaying Medicare for conditional payments is a necessary, yet unpleasant process which can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the injured plaintiff’s net settlement.  In some circumstances, the Medicare injured beneficiary must return all of their net settlement (after attorney fees and costs) to Medicare, resulting in a zero net recovery for the injury victim.   The Place Firm assists trial attorneys in satisfying the obligations to repay Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans while simultaneously employing the most current law and innovative tactics to reduce and quickly resolve these claims.

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